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At the start of the season, coaches develop a scoring roster with the intention to give every player's family a chance to score. This roster (and subsequent changes to it) needs to be submitted to the committee by the coach. As the scorer will also be voting during this game, it is important that families who are unable to score on their designated day, inform the coach so that they can swap them for another day. Please click here to view more information and criteria to assist you to submit your player votes.


  • At the end of the game, scorers need to submit their votes to the coach electronically (email/message/messenger) so that they can then submit their own votes as well as the scorer's votes online.

  • They will need to attach a screenshot of the scorer's votes, which should include the name of the scorer as well as the x2 players to receive 2 and 1 vote respectively. 

  • Coaches only have a short time frame to submit these votes so please send this message within a reasonable time frame (no longer than 24 hrs is appreciated).


Please find below an example of how to fill out a score sheet. 

It is important that the score sheet is filled out correctly otherwise team penalties will apply e.g. points deducted etc.

Scoresheet (Revised 03-24).png
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