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Selection Philosophy

SPJ Netball Club (hereafter called “The Club”) aim to form teams that have a balanced group of players of similar ability across all playing positions. The Club aims to ensure player grading is conducted fairly and effectively, and that its outcome is in the best interests of the whole club and its players.

Selection Criteria

- A players overall skill level including: footwork, ball handling, attacking and defending skills, perception and cognition skills, fitness including speed and agility, discipline as a team player.

- Sportsmanship and attitude

- Availability to attend team training sessions

- Their coach’s evaluation as per The Club’s “Player’s Assessment Report completed at the end of the previous season.

- Independent visual player assessments undertaken during the season, at training and games, by members of the selection panel.

- Receipt by The Club of the Players Registration Form and full payment of fees by the due date.



- The Club aims to form teams of no fewer than 7 players and no more than 9-10 Players.

- The selection panel will consider the number of players registered with ‘The Club’within each age group.

- The selection panel will consider the number of coaches registered with ‘The Club’and their availability

- The selection panel will consider the needs of all players registered with ‘The Club’who play in Representative Netball Teams.

- The best available position in a team offered to a new player to ‘The Club’ or a player transferring from another club will be at the discretion of the selection panel.

 - When and if players request or are requested by ‘The Club’ to play out of their age group will be at the discretion of the selection panel.

- Should a player request to play with a friend/s, it will be at the discretion of the selection panel to decide whether it’s beneficial to the player/s concerned, the affected team and The Club as a whole.


Other Guidelines

- Under 9 teams are non-competitive (no finals) and requests to play with friends, if noted on the registration form, will be accommodated where possible.

- In all other age groups (under 11 through to Open age) the teams will be selected based on the selection criteria and the considerations.

- The selection panel will be appointed by The President of SPJ Netball Club Inc. and will consist of suitably experienced club members or independent selectors.

- Where a conflict of interest exists (i.e., the team selection involves the child of a Selection Panel member), that member will stand down for that particular team selection and the remaining members of the selection panel will compose that child’s team.

SPJ Netball Club Inc. reserves the right to amend the selection criteria when necessary.

SPJ Netball Club Inc. reserves the right to invite Independent Selectors from outside ‘The Club’ to assist with the selection process.

All selection decisions of the selection panel are final and all enquiries regarding player selection (pre and post selection) should be made in writing to The President for review by the Committee at the next committee meeting closest to the date written correspondence is received.

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