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Player Registration

 The Players Registrar must keep a register of all players in which is recorded the name, Netball Connect  registration number, date of birth, address and contact details of the player and their parents.

Fees and Registration

Fees will be set by the committee each year. There will be a prescribed fee to enter both Winter and Spring Competitions

No player will be permitted to take the court to represent the club, be selected or placed in a club team or use any of the club’s facilities unless:

  • All fees (including any arrears owing to the club) have been paid in full to the Treasurer or alternative payment arrangements approved by the Treasurer in advance have been made and complied with to the satisfaction of the Treasurer, and

  • A fully completed Player Registration Application in the form prescribed from time to time by the committee or the Player’s Registrar has been completed by a person over the age of 18 years either:

  1. On their own behalf, if relating to an adult applying for his or her own player registration, or

  2. By a parent or legal guardian of a minor applying for player registration for that childand, returned to the Player’s Registrar, or his or her representative, and​ where player is a minor, the player’s parent or guardian, has provided proof of age (when registering with the club for the first time) and has agreed in writing to abide by the club's Policies and Codes of Conduct in force from time to time.

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