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Role of Parents/Guardians & Spectators

Our club would like to encourage players (at any age) to learn and enjoy playing netball and your role, as parents/guardians/spectators, has a tremendous impact on your child’s experiences as he/she/they participates in the sport. Winning is fantatsic and we all enjoy being able to celebrate the wins with our kids, however learning how to cope with a loss or a call that did not go your way is equally as important, if not more. There will always be frustrations and we want them to learn how to channel these into improving their game not, feed into feelings of hopelessness or anger. As guardians/spectators, we must model postive behaviour in these situations. 


Please review our Code of Conduct for Parents, Guardians and Spectators. When registering your child to play at SPJ Netball Club you are also agreeing to abide by this code.  

LYVNA Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint on game day, please ensure you follow the LYVNA Complaints Procedure

Scoring & Voting

Each team will have a scoring roster, please refer to our Scoring Instructions page for information on how to score. Part of a scorers role for teams 11U and older, is to give votes for Best and Fairest and Runners Up for the day. You will find information on the Scoring Instructions page to assist you with this also.


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