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LYVNA Complaints Procedure

A complaint about the behaviour of another person during a game.


The aim of this procedure is to address any complaints immediately.

  1. Complaints about the behaviour of a player, coach, scorer, umpire or spectator during a game may only be made by a coach or club official of a team competing in that game . A complaint made by any other person will not be addressed.

  2. A person other than a coach or club official who has a complaint must report their complaint immediately to the coach or club official of their team. It is then for the coach or club official to decide whether the complaint should be reported.

  3. If the coach or club official has a complaint about the behaviour of a player, coach, scorer, umpire or spectator, they must report the complaint immediately (i.e. during the game) to an umpire supervisor or to a committee member on duty at the time. An umpire supervisor will attend the court where the game is being played to address the complaint.

  4. The umpire supervisor who attends the court shall take whatever action they think is appropriate in the circumstances to resolve the complaint, and the complaint shall be resolved on that basis. The umpire supervisor shall inform both the complainant and the person the subject of the complaint of the action taken.

  5. No further action will be taken regarding a complaint unless the umpire supervisor considers that the complaint should be referred to the committee for further consideration. Any complaint that is to be referred shall be reported to the committee member on duty immediately after the game has finished. The report shall include the nature of the complaint, the action taken to resolve the complaint and the reasons for the referral.

  6. The committee will consider the referred complaint at the next meeting. (The committee meets on the second Tuesday of every month, except for January.) It will decide what action (if any) is to be taken in respect of the complaint. That decision shall be final.

  7. The committee may decide to investigate the complaint further and, where appropriate, deal with it in accordance with the procedures set out in the Association’s Constitution.

  8. As a general rule, no complaints raised by a coach, team manager or club official after a game has finished will be considered. The committee member on duty may, in exceptional circumstances, consider a complaint made after a game has finished.
    A decision made by the committee member as to whether a complaint made after a game is to be considered shall be final.

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