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The committee of our netball club relies on the support and involvement of parents and volunteers from the community.

Our current commitee for 2023 are:


Vice President:




Uniform Coordinator:

Umpires Convenor:

Coaches Coordinator:

Player/Team Coordinator:

Cara Lenz

Rachel Cavill

Kim Burgess

Seona Freeman

Nicole Scott

Katherine Walker

Robyn Broome

Kaylene Mitchell

Teresa Violi

Fundraising Coordinator:

First Aid Supply Officer:

Equipment Officer:

Social Commitee:

Grading/Team Selection Committee

Fiona Lally

Fiona Lally

Rebecca Vear &

Ashleigh Ellerton-Gray

Timothy Newcombe

Naomi Hart

Steff Leong

Kim Burgess

Rebecca Vear

Your contribution to the committee and our club is crucial for our success. We welcome expressions of interest and nominations for various roles within the committee. All SPJ Netball Club members are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The date for our 2024 AGM TBA. 


What are the positions on the committee for 2024? 

2024 Committee Overview

  • SPJ Committee is made up of volunteers nominated by members of the club.

  • The Committee is made up of 4 executive positions and General Committee Members.

  • All Committee Members are expected to assist with the running and coordination of club events and to attend Committee Meetings.

  • Committee members must hold a WWCC (can be supplied in time for 2024 season).


Exectutive Commitee Positions



Role – To ensure the efficient running of the club.


  • Executive Committee Member

  • Manage and chair committee meetings and AGM

  • Provide a President’s Report for all committee meetings

  • Club representative

  • To be well informed of all club and association activities

  • To have good working knowledge of the club constitution, club policies and duties of all office holders

  • Attend all LYVNA AGM and required meetings

  • Arrange and monitor club B&F and coaches awards

  • Receive Umpire B&F for Josie Caines Award

  • Coordinate and order trophies for end of season 

  • Organise 10-year medals and life membership

Vice President 

Role – To support and mentor all committee members in the efficient performance of their roles.


  • Executive Committee Member

  • Organise club grading sessions in consultation with club President and Grading Committee, if applicable

  • Organise independent selector, if applicable

  • Provide support to president and step up to where needed or in the absence of president

  • To be well informed of all club and association events

  • To have a good working knowledge of the club constitution, club policies and duties of all office holders

  • Attend LYVNA meetings (optional)


Role – Administrator of the club providing coordination links between club, association, members and committee.


  • Executive Committee Member

  • Keep committee, club members informed of all relevant information

  • Attend to all official correspondence in and out in a prompt manner

  • Attend to all general administration as required

  • Maintain Website and social media posts

  • Take and distribute minutes of meetings

  • Attend LYVNA meetings (optional)

  • Book court hire


Role – Responsible for the financial management of the club


  • Executive Committee Member

  • Maintain accurate records of income and expenditure

  • Make all payments and keep records

  • Prepare regular bank reconciliation

  • Prepare annual financial accounts

  • Pursue and outstanding club accounts

  • Provide a treasurer’s report for all committee meetings

General Committee Positions

Club Registrar

Role – To ensure the club fulfils all obligations regarding player and team registration


  • To ensure complete and accurate maintenance of Netball Connect for club membership

  • To manage start of season registrations for new and existing members using Netball Connect and the LYVNA spreadsheet

  • To provide association with full team and player lists at appropriate times

  • Provide relevant communication to all players regarding their registration

  • Update committee at meetings of any issues or feedback

Umpires Convenor

Role – To organise and coordinate all umpiring requirements within the club.


  • In charge of all SPJ umpires

  • Roster umpires for each team on Saturday

  • Provide updated rosters to Executive Committee and the beginning and during the season

  • Inform, encourage and organise training for umpires

  • Coordinate umpire courses

  • Provide the clubs treasure with Umpires Pays

  • Liaise with LYVNA Umpires Convenor

  • Organise getting umpires badged

  • Update committee at meetings of any issues or feedback from Umpires

Coaches Convenor

Role – To provide support to coaches across the season.


  • Liaise with the Player/Team Coordinator, Equipment Purchasing Officer and First Aid Supply Officer

  • Ensure coaches have completed their foundation course

  • Inform and encourage attendance of further training for coaches

  • Issue coach’s bags and ensure adequate training equipment and first aid items are supplied

  • To produce a Practice Game Roster for all teams so they can use it for practice games at training 

  • Maintain and provide coaches with the clubs ‘Welcome Pack’

  • Update committee at meetings of any issues or feedback from coaches

Player/Team Coordinator

Role – To coordinate our team’s players and coaches. 


  • Liaise with the Coaches Convenor

  • Organise fill ins and keep records

  • Be familiar with players and their abilities

  • Update committee at meetings of current player/team status

Uniform Coordinator

Role – To coordinate uniforms for all players, coaches and umpires.


  • Point of contact between club, members, and uniform supplier

  • Coordinate second hand uniform FB page

  • Update committee at meetings of any issues or feedback regarding uniforms 

Fundraising Coordinator

Role – To coordinate fundraising events for the club.


  • Liaise with the Executive Committee and Social Committee

  • Keep up tp date with club sponsors, Gril’d, Pancake Parlour, Sportsmart and also apply for any other


  • Organise the clubs Trivia Night and Bunnings BBQ and any other events to help raise money

  • Update committee at meetings of any issues or feedback regarding the fundraising events

First Aid Supply Officer

Role – Provide correct and up to dated first aid supplies.


  • Liaise with the Coaches Convenor

  • Supply all coaches with the correct first aid supplies they need

  • Update committee at meetings of any issues or feedback regarding first aid supplies 

Equipment Officer

Role – Provide relevant netball equipment.


  • Liaise with the Coaches Convenor

  • Organise and stock coaches bags for each coach at the beginning of the season

  • Collect and store bags at the end of the season

  • Purchase all netball equipment needed

  • Maintain the ‘Equipment Kit’

  • Update committee at meetings of any issues or feedback regarding our equipment 

Social Commitee

Role – Help organise social events for the club.


  • Assist the Executive Committee and Fundraising Coordinator on club events

  • Attend committee meetings

  • Assist with presentation night/end of season duties

  • Assist with other ad hoc duties that arise

Grading Commitee/Team Selection

Role – Help with team selection and grading.


  • Assist the Executive Committee during team selection and grading

Who is eligible to nominate for the committee?

Any current club member is eligible to nominate themselves for a committee position. To nominate, please complete the online nomination form or download the hard copy nomination form which should be completed, signed and returned to


Who is eligible to vote?

When it comes to voting, one member per family is eligible to cast their vote.


How do I vote?

You can vote in two ways at the AGM:


1. Attend the AGM in person and vote directly
2. Complete the
proxy form to authorize another member to vote on your behalf. Ensure you provide them with the names of the candidates you wish to vote for.  The completed form must be submitted to your attending member by 7.30 pm on Friday  24th November 2023. They will bring this with them to the AGM. Please email once you have submitted your form to your attending member to notify us of the name of your proxy and confirming that you have provided them with your proxy form.

What will happen at the AGM?

During the AGM, the current committee will present an overview of the upcoming 2023 season. Following the overview, all committee positions will be declared vacant, and the voting process will begin.

What time do I need to be there?

The AGM is scheduled to start at 7.00 pm on Monday 27th November 2023. We recommend arriving 5 minutes early. If you have proxy votes to submit, please arrive 10 minutes early to complete the necessary paperwork.


What if I have more questions?

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at


To nominate for a committee position, you can use our online form below. Please Note: The online form below is for nominations not for proxy votes

Committee Nomination Form
SPJ Netball Club Committee Nomination Form

Thank you for your nomination.

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